How To Access Your Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom Guide for Ongoing Students

Most classes are held in person on campus, however, Acsenda still offers some online classes for students that are not yet in the country or feel sick. We will be using an online virtual platform called Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided on the course page on MyASM for students outside of the country as well as for students living in Vancouver who have special permission from the Registrar’s office. If you are a returning student, your classes will be in real-time. This means that for example, if you are scheduled to attend class on Wednesday at 9 am in room 222 for an Introduction to Marketing class, you should access your virtual class on that day and at that time. 

Here are the instructions to access your virtual classroom:

1. Log in to your

2. Click on “My Courses

3. Click on any course.

4. At the bottom of the first section or introduction to your course you will find a link to your virtual classroom:

5. After clicking on your virtual classroom, please follow the access instructions that the system will prompt.

6. You are now in your virtual classroom!

7. Here is a video guide to getting you familiarized with the tools inside your virtual classroom.

8. Here is also a full video tutorial on how to access and use your virtual classroom prepared by one of our Acsenda Faculty.

9. If you have difficulty accessing your virtual classroom, please contact your instructor directly.

10. If you have technical questions that your instructor cannot answer, feel free to reach out to any of our institutional Virtual Classroom Coaches:

11. Happy online learning!

Minimum technical requirements:

We recommend that you use a laptop with a good internet connection. Your laptop should have a good microphone and a video camera. You can access your virtual classroom through your smartphone, nevertheless, the experience is limited, and the data consumption is very high, so smartphones are not recommended.

Virtual Classroom Guide for Offshore Starting Students

If you are an offshore starting student, some of your classes will be self-paced. This means that you can access your virtual classroom and work on your course at the time that best suits you. There may be a few real-time meetings with your group, but these will be planned in advance. What is most important with this kind of online learning is the quality of your participation and completing your assignments on time.