Global Assessment Certificate

What is Gac?

Acsenda School of Management is pleased to recognize ACT Education Solutions, Limited’s Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) Program as satisfying admission requirements for Acsenda and will recognize course work completed for transfer credit towards an Acsenda degree program.

The Global Assessment Certificate program is a university preparation and foundation studies program that provides students from mostly non-English-speaking backgrounds with academic knowledge and skills to prepare them for western-style postsecondary study.


The GAC is recognized for admissions and credit transfer purposes by more than 90 universities around the globe, including Acsenda School of Management.

GAC Entry Requirements:

  • High school graduation or equivalent of “Year 11 in the Australian school system and be 17 years of age by the time they complete the course.” (Page 4 of GAC Curriculum, April 2018)
  • English proficiency: IELTS Academic Module 5.0. or TOEFL (PBT 500-530, iBT 62-65)

NOTE (GAC Levels I, II & III Academic Modules & English Courses)

Level I English Modules

GAC001 & GAC002 (total 120 hours – compulsory) – GAC entry requirements for English proficiency is IELTS 5.0; assuming successful completion of these two modules on Level I would be equivalent to IELTS 5.5.

Level II English Modules

GAC007 & GAC008 (total 120 hours – compulsory) – assuming successful completion of these two modules on Level II would be equivalent to IELTS 6.0, which is equivalent to ASM EAPP090 and eligible for direct entry into ASM ENGL103 or ENGL104.

 Other English Modules (electives):

  • GAC 019 (IELTS Test Preparation Skills 40+20=60 hours) – on successful completion of this module “students should be able to demonstrate a score of 6 or greater on the IELTS Test (Academic Module) – no pre-requisite” (GAC Curriculum, page 172).
  • GAC 025 (TOEFL Test Preparation Skills 40+20=60 hours) – on successful completion of this module “students should be able to recognise and recall the question types which are likely to appear in the TOELF iBT test and to apply appropriate test taking strategies. no pre-requisite.” (GAC Curriculum, page 172).

Level III English Modules

GAC014 & GAC015 (total 120 hours – compulsory) – assuming successful completion of these two modules on Level III would be equivalent to IELTS 6.5*, which is equivalent to ASM ENGL103 or ENGL104 and eligible for direct entry into an ASM degree program for ENGL101 enrolment.

ASM Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements are listed on the Acsenda Website.

Applicants must be secondary school graduates with the equivalent of the British Columbia Grade 12 Diploma, a minimum average of C+ in Grade 12 courses, and minimum grades of C+ in Grade 11 Math and Grade 12 English. Completion of Grade 12 math is recommended.  English language admission requirements for international students are IELTS Academic 6.5 or higher (with no band less than 6.0).

GAC graduates are eligible to apply for Admissions Grants. Acsenda will provide up to 8 courses of credit exemptions / advanced standing in its undergraduate programs.

Credit Transfer – GAC Program (TABLE 1)


Course Number/Name



GAC 004 Mathematics I: Mathematics Fundamentals (40+20)



GAC 010 Mathematics II: Probability, Statistics & Finance (40+20)



GAC 016 Mathematics III: Calculus & Advanced Applications (40+20)



GAC  005 Computing I: Introduction to Computing for Academic Study

GAC 011 Computing II: Data Management (40+20)



GAC 012 Business II: Business Studies (40+20)



GAC 027 Social Science II: Identity & Interaction in Society (40+20), or



GAC 029 Psychology II: Introduction to Psychology (40+20)



GAC 022 Business III: International Business Studies (40+20)



GAC 007 Academic English II: Listening & Speaking (40+20)

GAC 008 Academic English II: Reading & Writing Skills (40+20)



GAC 014 Academic English III: Listening & Speaking (40+20)

GAC 015 Academic English III: Reading & Writing Skills (40+20)




Course Number/Name


BMTH 100 (LL elective)


BADM 221 (Core)


BADM 120 (Core)


COMP 101 (Core)


BADM 102 (LL elective)


SOCI 101 (LL elective) or


PSYC 101 (LL elective)


BIBM 101 (Core BBA/ LL Elective BHM)



ENGL103 or ENGL104 (Core)



Total block transfer into an Acsenda Degree program

8 courses or 24 credits                    

Required to complete an Acsenda Degree Program

32 courses or 96 credits

* The number of credits that will apply will depend on the student’s choice of program and specialization. While the maximum credit noted can be awarded, students may be required to complete additional courses (credit) to fulfil the program requirements.

Transfer credits will be granted only for courses as listed in TABLE 1 above. A passing grade of 60% or C (GPA 2.0) has been obtained.

If a student does not complete the entire GAC Program, ASM will award credit for those courses completed providing they meet the above noted minimum grade requirements.