Academic & Learning Support

Returning / New Students

In order to further support our commitment to academic exceptionalism, and to continue to foster a communal climate, we will be proceeding with our academic programs through a virtual classroom interface.

This means that if you have a class scheduled on Tuesday at 9 am in Room 222 at Acsenda, you will have that same class (with the same students) in the course’s online classroom, instead.

Future Students

Future students that will not be in Vancouver next term will be offered a selection of introductory courses that they can take from home. These courses will be asynchronous, which means you can access the courses and do your work at different times throughout the day. In these types of courses, deadlines for work are very important but you can work at times and hours that suit you best depending on the geographical area you are living in.

We will have more information on additional ways Acsenda is helping to make the transition to online learning easier and more accessible for students soon.

How to Access Online Classes

1. Log in to your

2. Click on “My Courses”

3. Click on any course.

4. At the bottom the first section or introduction to your course you will find a link to your virtual classroom. Please see image attachment for details.

5. After clicking on your virtual classroom, please follow the access instructions that will be prompted by the system.

6. You are now in your virtual classroom!

If you have difficulty accessing your virtual classroom, please get in touch with your instructor directly.

You can also refer to the Tutorial Guide HERE

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