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BIBM332 - International Finance This course provides a comprehensive overview of international finance. Topics include multi-national financial management, international monetary system, foreign exchange markets, international parity conditions, foreign currency derivatives and swaps, transaction exposure, exchange and hedging, the balance of payments, foreign exchange rate determination, translation exposure, operating exposure, global cost and availability of capital,

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BIBM331 - International Trade Management This course provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects of global business in the 21st century and explores the language of macroeconomics and wealth of nations.  It provides important information on the key elements of the global business environment whether participant is looking for general information, seriously considering getting involved

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BIBM322 - Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management This course is a holistic view of a company's efforts to source, procure, receive, store, and deliver products. It is considered a vital competitive tool for companies to provide differential value to their customers, and to be profitable by making continuous improvements in levels of efficiency, productivity,

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BIBM301 - Transportation Law This course is designed to introduce students to transportation law topics that are applicable to various modes in the transportation sector, particularly to managers who play a key role in compliance, or who are involved in the development, execution or fulfillment of contracts.

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BIBM201 - Managing Transportation Systems This course introduces learners to the fundamental principles of transportation systems, transportation types, components and networks, key stakeholders involved, the hard infrastructure required and the human capital and the institutions that cultivate the transportation process.

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BIBM202 - Logistics Management This course is designed to introduce the students to conceptual approaches for integrating logistics as a core competency within the supply chain web. It allows students to sharpen their skills in managing various functions in logistics and supply chains including customer service, inventory management, warehousing and storage, plant and warehouse site

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BIBM101 - International Business Management This course is designed to provide a basic conceptual framework that enables students to understand the international environments and the various management issues of global businesses. At the end of this course, students should be able to learn key concepts, tools, and frameworks of international business management. Transfer Out

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