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BMRK490 - Marketing Management and Strategy This is a capstone course in marketing designed to show students how companies become market-driven and guide their strategies based on a shared understanding of markets and competition. The market and the customers that comprise the market are the starting point for marketing strategy formulation. Students will have an

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BMRK434 - Effective Selling & Sales Management This course covers the basic concepts of sales and sales management including systems of selling, relationship building, product strategies, sales force planning, ethics, and forecasting. The student will gain an understanding and mastery of the key elements of a sales strategy, including developing a sales presentation, networking and

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BMRK433 - International Marketing Management The objective of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to understand the global marketing planning process and to develop skills in problem solving and decision-making. At the end of this course, students are expected to be able to develop a comprehensive global marketing strategy for a product

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BMRK431 - Marketing Communications Marketing Communications' objective is to position and sell products and services in business to consumer and business to business markets. This course puts emphasis on integrated marketing communications (IMC) and the importance of messaging and utilizing multiple media vehicles in order to achieve specific communications objectives and reach defined target groups.

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BMRK332 - Consumer Behaviour This course is intended to focus the student’s attention on what it means to be a consumer in a market-oriented society and to develop skills as a marketer in meeting consumer needs and developing a marketing strategy. The student will be able to identify and discuss the major ideas and processes

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BMRK302 - Social Media & Digital Marketing This course examines how the practical application of digital promotional tools is used in a larger strategy to bolster Business to Consumer and Business to Business channels. The tools learned in this course will propel students and forward-thinking organizations to leverage the power of digital promotions and social

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BMRK231 - Marketing This introductory marketing course covers the basic components of a marketing system including product, price, promotion and distribution decisions (place). Students are introduced to marketing strategy, the marketing environment, marketing research, consumer and business buying behaviour, segmentation, targeting and positioning, branding, new product development, pricing strategies, distribution channels and the concept of

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