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ENGL101 - Academic Writing (Fundamentals) This course is designed to help students develop university-level writing skills.  Students improve their critical reading, English grammar and oral presentation skills while learning strategies for researching, planning, drafting, composing, and editing university essays in the APA format. A range of academic essays is explored, including Response Paper, Problem-Solution, Compare-Contrast,

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ECON201 - Transportation Economics This course uses active learning approaches to cover the scope and breadth of transportation economics and public policy and develop the relevant economic theory that is applicable to the transportation industry in Canada. The main topics covered include transport demand, private and social transport costs, market structures, competition, efficient pricing and

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ECON122 - Principle of Macroeconomics The main points included in macroeconomic theory include national income and fiscal policy; money; banking; monetary policy; inflation, unemployment, international economics and trade. This course focuses on the Canadian economy and the government and the Bank of Canada’s policies. Transfer Out

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ECON121 - Principle of Microeconomics This course provides an introduction to the principles of microeconomics in the context of what is happening in Canada and the world. The focus is on the market economy and its operation and on the appropriate role of government and the market in organizing economic activity. Such issues as market

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EAPP090 - English for Academic Purposes This course is designed to help students take the first steps toward their academic preparation. Students are trained in all the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, covering a series of fundamental academic topics including lecture notetaking, oral presentations, group discussions, formal emails, sentence structure, and simple

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COMP101 - Computer Literacy This course is designed to give students a strong foundation of basic computer skills through guided activities and will allow them to learn fundamental concepts and skills for applying Technology. The course will introduce students to basic knowledge of computer components including the internal hardware, operating system, and software applications. Students

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COMM120 - Public Speaking and Presentations This course aims to provide the training and skills to speak with confidence and deliver compelling messages through speeches and presentations. Critical thinking and strategic planning are emphasized. Students are encouraged to think through and about the public speaking process and are urged to consider the diversity of audiences,

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COMM110 - Critical Thinking This course is designed to help students improve their analytical thinking skills in business settings. The theory and practice of critical thinking will be presented, with an emphasis on its application to business decision-making. Topics include benefits of and obstacles to effective thinking, structuring arguments to avoid logical fallacies, and the

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BMTH100 - Basic Math This course is for students who need to upgrade their mathematical skills for quantitative courses in business courses in ASM. Students, who had been away from mathematical disciplines for several years, can take this course for refreshing their mathematical skills. The review topics begin with the basic numeracy concepts in business

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BMRK491 - Marketing Management Strategies and Practicum This is a capstone course in marketing designed to help students apply their marketing knowledge to real situations. Superior marketing strategies are essential for business success as the world’s economies continue to change. The market and the market's customers are the starting point in marketing strategy formulation. Students

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