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GEOG210 - Urban Geography This course is designed to help students extend their critical thinking, analytical and research skills and apply them to the study of urban regions in Canada and the world. Given that most students will be international students who arrive in Vancouver and experience primarily the environment of the lower mainland, this

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FINC490 - Financial Management Strategy This course introduces the techniques used in financial and strategic decision making as well as the impact of both the financial decisions and strategy on the company’s overall financial performance. Students investigate the key financial choices of a corporation and their impact on the overall strategy of the firm, including

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FINC 432 - Corporate Finance This course is designed to empower students with the analytical skills for making corporate investment with regards to financial decisions and risk analysis. This course will introduce various theories including present value, the opportunity of cost capital, discounted cash flow analysis, valuation techniques, risk and return, capital asset pricing model,

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FINC402 - Fixed Income Analysis This course examines an advanced treatment of investments in the field of fixed income analysis and focuses on fixed income securities, fixed income portfolio management, and fixed income derivatives. Topics include securitization, the term structure of interest rates and portfolio management strategies, such as duration, convexity, and immunization, bond analysis,

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FINC 331 - Investment Management This course examines financial markets from an investment decision-making perspective. It introduces a set of conceptual frameworks and analytical tools and provides students with an opportunity to apply them to investments across companies, securities, and institutions and to contribute to managerial decision-making while exploring the competitive dynamics among investment organizations,

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FINC311 - Financial Management II This course is a continuation of FINC211. The course introduces the general theoretical and practical aspects of financial management. Key topics covered include the cost of capital, capital budgeting, valuation of stocks and bonds, options, and the use of derivatives in risk management. Special Situations – Employee benefits, Sale of

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FINC211 - Financial Management I This introductory course in Finance builds on the student’s accounting and economics knowledge and develops skills in financial analysis, financial forecasting, and financial management. It also provides knowledge of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, convertibles, and warrants as they are used in the financial markets of Canada. Transfer Out

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