BIBM331 – International Trade Management

This course provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects of global business in the 21st century and explores the language of macroeconomics and wealth of nations.  It provides important information on the key elements of the global business environment whether participant is looking for general information, seriously considering getting involved or already participating in global trade.

The course emphasizes forward-thinking and a positive perspective, it highlights the considerable effort that any business in any region of the world, must commit to succeed.  We believe that if this effort is properly executed, it will represent a fundamental “best practice” approach that goes beyond borders.

In creating contemporary material for product development and regulatory compliance, this course not only describes the current state of the environment but also helps identify the ongoing transformation of global business and corporate social responsibility such as ethical sourcing, people’s rights and workplace diversity, it is of paramount importance that any “advice” be relative to the knowledge that any business in the world should assimilate to be a successful global trader.

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