BADM490 – Business Strategy

This is a capstone course designed to help students integrate their learning in marketing, organizational behaviour, accounting, and finance by developing and analyzing corporate strategy using real cases. The student is placed in the position of general manager, owner, or consultant and asked to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and to devise an action plan for the company.

The integrated learning process will enable students to clearly understand that policy and strategy impact everyone in an organization at every level. Policy and Strategic Management addresses pivotal questions of why some organizations and managers are successful and others fail. This course will look at success and failure and learn from both. The course takes a practical applied view of how policy and strategy in organizations function in the real world.  Integrating these elements will require rigour in order to develop the leadership and management competencies required for analysis, strategic thinking and decision-making to effectively manage and lead changing contexts, relationships and tasks.

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