Tuition and Other Fees

All students are required to pay tuition fees and expenses in advance of starting each term of study. All fees are quoted in Canadian Dollar (CAD) and are collected per term by ASM.

Student ID Card

Students who register with ASM are issued a student ID card, which is valid for three years. Students will be asked to present their ID card during their registration period, at any meetings with the Director of their program, or during final examinations. Students must present their ID cards to security if attending classes on a Saturday. There is a replacement fee (for loss or damage) of $20 for the ID card.

Medical Insurance

All students in BC on a study permit are required to be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan (BCMSP) and provide proof of active medical insurance to Acsenda School of Management. New International students will automatically be enrolled into a medical coverage plan for 90 days on the first day of their first term unless they can provide proof of existing BCMSP coverage. The cost of the insurance plan will be added to the students’ first invoice.

Student Loans

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who are paying tuition fees, and who have registered in a minimum 60% course load and can demonstrate financial need, may qualify for aid through student loan programs. Students must apply for loans through the province in which they have established residency.

Basic Eligibility Requirements to apply for BC Student Aid:

  • Canadian Citizen, a landed immigrant (permanent resident) or have protected person status.
  • Valid Canadian Social Insurance Number (Does not start with 0 or 8)
  • Resident of C.
  • Enrolled in an eligible program of study at an eligible post-secondary institution.
  • Pursuing Full-Time studies as their primary
  • Be able to demonstrate financial

Make academic progress and achieve satisfactory scholastic standing in each period of post-secondary study.

For additional information and to apply online please see

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