Acsenda School of Management announces two new degree concentrations, will begin in January 2022

Vancouver, Canada — November 29, 2021 — Acsenda School of Management has new options for students seeking a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. On Monday, Acsenda announced that the institution will be offering two new concentration areas in January 2022, Financial Management and Management Information Systems. As an institution that prioritizes connecting people with professions, providing opportunities for international students to acquire hands-on job experience in Canada, these two new concentrations will expand on the ways Acsenda successfully prepares students for entry into the global job market. “We are extremely excited to announce these concentration options. They meet the needs of our business community, and they allow us to continue to diversify our Business Administration program in two special and high demand areas” said Dr. Neil Mort, President of Acsenda School of Management. “We believe in our programs and these new concentrations reinforce our commitment to expanding career opportunities for our students.” Financial Management Concentration  Financial advisors and customer service professionals with experience in the banking sector were particularly in high demand during the Covid-19 pandemic. When financial markets plummeted and a vicious cycle of news and announcements regarding COVID-19 began to emerge daily, many Canadians reached out to financial managers and experts through banking institutions to access various services such as mortgage deferrals promised by the federal government, retirement savings or assets such as RRSPs and TSFAs, and real-estate investments  (Randstad, 2021). According to BC Job bank, the labour supply and demand for logistics and supply chain managers will be balanced in Canada over the next 10 years, with financial managers earning approximately $35-$44/hour. Completion of the program requirement will prepare Acsenda students for the Certified Financial Planner and the Qualified Associate Financial Planner certification exams. Management Information Systems Concentration  According to a detailed analysis published by the government of Canada (2021), over the 2016-2018 period, employment in the computer and information systems managers occupational group increased faster than the average of all occupations due to the rapid increase of cloud computing services, big data, predictive analytics, complexity of IT systems and the popularity of startups. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many more people working from home, most of whom require innovative technology and secure access to data. Consequently, employment opportunities for information systems analysts and consultants remain stable. In British Columbia, the median wage for computer and information systems managers is approximately $42/hour. The program will also offer a wide range of micro-credentialing options and certification pathways that will help students meet their individual career goals and build a competitive edge in the job market. For more information on our offerings or to apply please see the Acsenda website at: Acsenda School of Management is a degree-granting institution located in the vibrant business district of Vancouver, offering competitive undergraduate degrees in both business administration and hospitality management. Situated inside one of the most prestigious buildings in the city, Acsenda is an institution that emphasizes an international business focus, a diverse learning environment and small class sizes.